How to wrap long lines without spaces in HTML? "word-wrap:normal | break-word;"

Posted: December 28, 2012 in Articles, CSS, Resources, Tutorials

How to wrap long lines without spaces in HTML?

How to break long urls without spaces in span?

word-wrap: normal | break-word


word-wrap: normal|break-word;


This property specifies whether the current rendered line should break if the content exceeds the boundary of the specified rendering box for an element (this is similar in some ways to the ‘clip’ and ‘overflow’ properties in intent.) This property should only apply if the element has a visual rendering, is an inline element with explicit height/width, is absolutely positioned and/or is a block element.


div { word-wrap: break-word }
<div style=”word-wrap: break-word”>Here is some content for the div element</div>
Value Description
normal Break words only at allowed break points
break-word Allows unbreakable words to be broken

Javascript Syntax:”break-word”


Issue in ie ?  Issue with SPAN tag ? Anchor tag?

Add display :block; property to style to fix the ISSUE:: ENJOY..


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